Jennifer, a serial entrepreneur and the creative force behind our operations, owns a salon in downtown Wichita. A firm believer in making each moment count, she carries an infectious passion for life and a dedication to intentional living. Her knack for identifying valuable, purposeful experiences became the inspiration for our business model and gave birth to our tagline, "Experience with Purpose".
Scott, our steadfast support, brings precision from his career as an aircraft inspector to realize Jennifer's vision. He's the backbone of our operation, crafting experiences that turn dreams into reality.
Together, we're committed to crafting experiences that matter. We see the power in intentional engagement, whether it's personal, social, or business.
At Wichita Experience Rentals, we aren't just about business. We are about the community. We take immense pride in serving the local area and go the extra mile in helping other small businesses and individuals make their events unforgettable. Our partnerships and collaborations are a testimony to the love we have for our city and its people.

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Creating More Than Just Events - We Create Experiences

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